J.E.D.I. Control System

Making control of your droid easy and flexible.

The Joystick Enhanced Device Input (J.E.D.I.) Control System allows you to control all the features of your full-scale droid with a single 6 channel R/C receiver through use of a Receiver Converter.  The J.E.D.I. Control System reduces the total electronics cost of a fully functional R/C droid by integrating and coordinating the many functions of a full-featured droid.  The main component is the J.E.D.I. Controller (or the new J.E.D.I. Yoda Controller) board that coordinates all features using input from the droid wrangler via J.E.D.I. joystick strokes.  Additional components bring logic displays, dome lights, sound, and servos together for a fully integrated solution.  Explore the links at left for more information.

Go to the official R2 Builder's Club Site for great information on building your own droid and other electronics solutions: www.astromech.net

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